Norton is one of the most popular and reliable medium for protections against various kinds of threats to our resources like PCs, gadgets, information and so on. It was developed by Symantec and most preferred antivirus software among billions of users worldwide. on our devices offers complete security and also enhances online security against phishing and spamming activities. There are various products of Norton available in market and being used by many users according to their need and choices. Here we can have a quick look on some Norton products which are as follows-

  • Norton Internet Security- This product of Norton offers us complete protection and safety against malware, Trojans other such harmful things which comes during use of internet.
  • Norton 360: This product of Norton is all-in-one security suite which combines full online protection with performance tuning.
  • Norton  Antivirus: This product works same as Norton Internet Security.
  • Norton Mobile security: It is used to protect our mobile devices from various kinds of harmful threats.
  • Norton Identity Protection: This product has features to protect your identity and other personal information from the various kinds of internet frauds.

For any kind of confusion related to above products and services any user can get assistance from Norton com setup experts online.

Steps of setup and installation

As it is already known to us, that Norton has various products and useful services. For excellent protection of resources we must go for Norton download and installation either from online or we have another option to purchase Norton installation CD from authorized dealer and can install it on devices. Here are the steps which needed to be performed-

  • To begin this process, first of all just sign in to Norton with your account credentials.
  • If you are new and do not have Norton account the first create it. Follow the procedures of account creation and after that just go for Norton login to your account
  • Now you will see Norton setup window. Here you have to click on option “Enter a new product key”. Once clicked then just type your Norton product key and code correctly. The key will have 25 characters.
  • In next step you will be asked for “automatic renewal service”, if you want this then select and continue and if you do not want auto renewal then just skip it and click on option “Continue”.
  • In next step you have to click on option “Agree and Download” to confirm that you are agree with all terms and conditions of particular Norton product or service. Also notice that if you want to install this product on other device then you have to click on “Send a Download link” option.
  • In next step you have to follow all the instructions which will be given by the downloader. So once downloader is executed, your desired product would also be downloaded. Now install it and get best protection. If some issues arise or you are having some confusion with above steps then contact Norton activation support teams.

Here are the different steps which needed to be followed when a user is trying to download and setup Norton on different browsers like Mozilla, Microsoft Edge and Chrome etc.

  • First of all you have to open your desired browser
  • After that just go to the address bar and simply type
  • Now in next step you have to fill the correct Norton setup key on the website after sign in your account and if new then go sign up to have account first.
  • In next step, just Click on option “download”.
  • Now you will see a pop up which will ask you to save it. Just click option “save” and after that click on the upside down arrow which would be present on the top right corner of the Firefox and search for same option in other browsers also. After that you have to click the “.exe file” to begin the setup.

To use any product or service of Norton you must have an account. Sometime regular user of Norton faces technical issues during Norton login whereas they are having credentials. Actually there can be various technical problems behind which are causing such troubles and only experts can identify and resolve them. Here are some most common and responsible factors-

Poor Internet Connection-

Bad internet connectivity can cause many problems during Norton downloading and installation process. So if you are unable to activate your product and facing other issues then check connectivity and troubleshoot it.

Unable to access Norton account-

If you are already having Norton account and unable to login with your credentials then-   

  • Just open the website and reach to Norton login page. Here you have to click on option “having trouble signing in?”
  • In next step just enter your correct Norton user name and password and after that click on the button “Continue”.
  • Now Norton will send you a message at your registered email address which you have used to create account. After receiving just click on that link. Now follow all the instructions for your Norton account recovery.

Norton account activation-

If you are having Norton account then due to incorrect activation process you might have various issues such as you may be unable to login to your Norton account and more. Following steps are useful to fix such problem:

  • First of all you have to add Norton subscription to your Norton account.
  • Now look at that “Start”, after that you have to enter Norton Product Key and follow the other steps as instructed for activation. Once your product is activated properly then technical issues will not trouble you more.

During functioning of Norton antivirus user might get different error codes which have various reasons and meaning. Here are some examples-

  • Norton error: 8504, 104
  • Norton error: 3048,3
  • Norton errors 8506,421 and 3039,65559
  • Norton error 8505, 129
  • And more

All above mentioned codes and many other problems which are not mentioned and described here can be solved with help of professionals. For all kinds of devices and problems which are arising with Norton products, a user can get instant assistance from certified professionals and can get perfect solutions.